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(Thereafter named « Tactical Watcher », « we », or « us »)

These terms and conditions define the nature and extent of the relations between Tactical Watcher and the subscribers of its professional analysis service, and/or any user, visitor of the Tactical Watcher.com website, and/or any recepient of Tactical Watcher’s analyses or any content through any medium of communication, including but not limited to e-mails or promotional content made openly available on any third parties websites or platforms.

By using the Tactical Watcher website, and/or any of our services and contents and/or submitting any information by e-mail or by completing any forms via our website, all clients, subscribers, visitors, registered and non-registered users agree to be legally bound by these Terms of Use and Subscription Contract as well as our Privacy Policy.

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Tactical Watcher offers an independent economic and technical analysis research service to Corporate Clients (or to certain individuals by way of exception, at our sole discretion and if we agree to consider them as Market Professionnals – Thereafter « Individual Subscribers ») on various financial products and markets selected at the sole discretion of our research team, and made available through access to our website, as well as reports/analyses sent by e-mails to our Individual Subscribers or to a limited list of individuals provided by the Corporate Client (Thereafter named « Registered Users »).


The Corporate Client shall provide Tactical Watcher the list of Registered Users it wishes to subscribe for, through filling the appropriate forms on our website or sending us their details by e-mail before any analysis can be sent or any individual login and password for Tactical Watcher’s website can be issued. The Registered Users should be clearly identified with complete name and e-mail address.

Usernames and passwords are personal to each Registered User or Individual Subscriber. They cannot be made known to any third party without the express written consent of Tactical Watcher. Tactical Watcher agrees to change Registered Users on request from the Corporate Client.

The Corporate Client agrees that it is its responsibility to ensure that its Registered Users comply with the terms and conditions of this contract and acknowledges that it may be held responsible for their lack of compliance to these terms.

All Tactical Watcher contents, research, analyses, e-mails, articles, website posts, are solely intended to each Registered User, and may not be reprinted, copied, sold, forwarded, made public or disseminated in full or in parts by the Corporate Client, the Registered Users, or Individual Subscriber without prior and written permission from Tactical Watcher.

All analyses, advice, virtual portfolio positions and trades (if any), opinions and forecasts provided by Tactical Watcher through its website, e-mailings, or by any other medium of communication, are exclusively intended for Institutional Investors and Market Professionals. They should not be regarded as exhaustive financial advice, or as any recommendation to enter positions on the financial markets. 

The Client is solely responsible for ensuring that each Registered User is a Market Professionnal fit to receive such analyses. 

Tactical Watcher cannot guarantee the completeness, the relevance, or the accuracy of the data and information our research and virtual portfolio positions/trades are based upon. Registered Users should independently do their own research and also assess whether all analyses, advice, forecasts and opinions that Tactical Watcher provides can be relied upon for investment decisions. 

By using our services, the Corporate Client, Registered Users and Individual Subscribers agree that Tactical Watcher cannot be held responsible or liable for any claim for damages arising directly or indirectly from any investment decision any Registered User or Individual Subscriber makes or refrains from making, partly or entirely based on our analyses, advice, virtual portfolio trades and positions, opinions and forecasts. 

Tactical Watcher hereby disclaims (to the extent permitted by applicable law or regulation) all duties or warranties pertaining to fitness for a particular purpose.

Tactical Watcher’s research and analyses are made available to all clients simultaneously.

Tactical Watcher shall not be held responsible for temporary or permanent non-delivery of its analyses to any or all Registered Users or Individual Subscribers, whatever the reason.


From time to time, Tactical Watcher reserves the right to publish or make available to/trough any third parties free analysis or any free content that if deems fit for marketing or advertising purposes, for the duration of its choice.


Tactical Watcher may hold a long or short position at anytime, on any futures contract, regardless of the research and analyses it provides.


Any dispute in relation with this contract will be settled according to French laws and regulations, in the Paris Tribunal of Commerce (France).


The types, pricing and durations of the Tactical Watcher subscriptions is available at the « subscribe » menu pages of our www.tacticalwatcher.com website (Subscribe), and may vary from time to time.

We typically offer monthly subscriptions and annual subscriptions. These are recurring subscriptions, which can be terminated at any time by the subscriber. 

For monthly subscriptions, any started calendar month remains fully due upon termination of the subscription, and for annual subscriptions, any started 12 calendar month period is fully due, and there will be no reimbursement possible for any started period (year or month).

Tactical Watcher’s services can be terminated at any time at its own discretion with a one-week notice for all or any customer it chooses, provided that each customer, Corporate Client or Individual Subscriber, will be reimbursed by us for their remaining subscription time.