Run by a very experienced team of former portfolio managers, derivative traders and strategists led by Gonzague del Sarte, Tactical Watcher provides exclusive research and tactical advice on worldwide equity markets.

Our unique analytic process developed through 35 years of experience has proven very effective at delivering powerful market calls.

Some of our calls: final bottom in March 2020 with a likely bull market’s resumption + going long China and Asia in May 2020 with a bull market in sight + rally of the banks in September 2020 + reflation trade the day after Biden’s election + top then bottom of oil in 2020 + fall then bottom of the dollar in 2020-21 + major top in China and EM in February 2021 + larger top of Copper in May 2021 + bond bear market in September 2020 in the US then in August 2021 in the EZ + deterioration of EU sovereign spreads in 2021 + final top of the Kospi in June 2021 + downward reversal of the US & EU high yield indices in September 2021 + larger top of the Nikkei in November 2021 + defensives vs cyclicals in November 2021 + catchup of the Footsie in December 2021 + tops in November 2021 then in January 2022 on EU & US equities + bottom of the Bitcoin in January 2022 + texbook capitulation in China & HK in March 2022 + etc. 


We share our passion through tailor-made and exclusive advices to a few Asset Management companies. 

At the same time, we provide a daily tactical research paper that includes all our views and major calls, and which is dedicated to a much wider audience within the investment professional community.


Our fundamental approach is mainly based on a combination of global-macro research, top-down and bottom-up views, as well as the study of positioning, consensus, newsflows, historical comparisons and price-action, drawing your attention on what will matter most.

Our technical approach delivers clearly displayed forecasts where timing and risk-reward can be quickly and effectively visualized, using our extensive experience and expertise in chart analysis.